The spiritual sequel of Slashers

Cases from the Murder Wagon is a 2 players cooperative asymetrical survival-horror game initially made during the Global Game Jam 2018 with "transmission" as the main theme.
The players have to find evidences across the level then escape without getting caught by the monster or killer roaming around the map.

Each player has a totally different gameplay and needs to communicate to survive.

The Runner is on a top down view and is the player that must find the evidences. He can use many different objects to progress and trying to run away from the creature.

Even if he has a better view of the environment, he's very vulnerable and has to communicate with his partner to avoid getting in bad situations or to resolve puzzles.


The Watcher is on a first person view and is the player that must guide his companion to cross the level and survive. He can use surveillance camera and an interactive map to track his partner and the creature positions.

Even if he's less vulnerable than the Runner, he's not safe and must check the rear window to see if the creature is not after him. If this is the case, he must turn off the power to avoid getting killed, making him unable to use his tools for a short moment.

Each map has its own creature with different behaviours and is semi procedural to make each game different.

To this day the game is still being on worked by the team and may be released in 2020.